Dana Gibson Profile

When it comes to interior design, it’s easy to find an influence that will make your home look good. What’s much more difficult is finding an artist whose work you can use in any room at any time and in any combination, allowing you to enjoy the process of including art within your home to the utmost.

The work of Dana Gibson can give you this love of design. It can inspire you. It can make your home into a wonderland of color and style. Perhaps it already has. After all, Dana Gibson has been making her wonderful and unique art since the 1990s, where her prints and patterns could be found in Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, and Bendels. Dan Gibson’s work is something you will recognize instinctively and immediately, and it is this familiarity in the unique that makes her work stand out from the rest.


There isn’t just one medium that Dan Gibson specializes in, just as there isn’t just one style that can be claimed as hers, however, no matter what she does, this inspirational artist is always able to put a piece of herself into the work.

Textiles are a big part of Gibson’s artistic life, and they have been used within the home collections of many thousands of people. Yet it didn’t begin in this way; Dana Gibson didn’t start off as a textile designer. Her first foray into the artistic world was in pottery, a skill that she was happily excellent at. After this came furniture design, and then wall coverings, and finally prints and textiles. It seems that Gibson’s talent and imagination can hold no limits, and she must always be looking for something else to do, the next thing to create that will make people happy. And she succeeds, every time.


Color. Although not, by definition, a theme in itself in most cases, for Dana Gibson, it is part of her artistic identity. She is not afraid to use color in all ways, to highlight important messages, to make ideas stand out, to show the difference between this element and that one. But rather than use color in a careless way because she is known for it and splashes of brightness are expected, every color choice is a deliberate one. Every idea is a deliberate one. There are no guesses in Gibson’s work, nothing that would make anyone question what she has done, even when pairing the strangest of elements together.

And this is another ‘theme’ that Dana Gibson excels at. She takes the usual, the known, the prosaic, and combines these things with something else just as usual and known and prosaic, but the end result is far from any of these things. The end result is something quite stunning that no one but Gibson could have thought of, but that hundreds of people are more than happy to install in their homes because it works. It just works. A tulip and an asparagus become delightful, and that same asparagus paired with a dove becomes a must-have.

Dana Gibson also loves history. The history of art and how various elements and styles have evolved are all part of her DNA, and she often draws on the past to create the art of the future. Something that many people might have considered old fashioned and out of style is made new and fresh again under Dana Gibson’s artistic eye. She can blend the old and the new and the unique into one beautiful package that will work in any home, no matter what age or aesthetic it might have.

And finally, no one can look at Dana Gibson’s impressive artistic output without the idea of ‘fun’ coming to them. It is relaxed art, it is light hearted, it is daring and exciting, and it is fun. This is something that can often be missing from art today, which is either created out of angst or duty, but with Dana Gibson, the pure joy she is clearly feeling when creating her prints and textiles is evident, and it makes her work even more exuberant.

Why Buy Dana Gibson’s Work?

Buying some of Dana Gibson’s work is an ideal way to brighten up – literally – your home and make it into something truly unique and personal. The wonderful thing about Dana Gibson is that there really is something for everyone. Although that phrase can seem cliché in some circles, here it is simply a statement of fact. From giclee prints to cushions to light sconces to desk accessories, and so much more besides, you can start your Dana Gibson collection in any room of the house, and grow it from there.

It is the color palette that is going to draw you in first, and the gorgeous designs will burst to life as you look closer. This very artist-centric technique will help you to choose the ideal piece or pieces for your home, and any guests and visitors you have will enjoy spending some time dissecting each thing, searching for different pieces of interior design, and generally falling in love with your home, just as you will when you install some art by Dana Gibson.

The interior of your home has a direct impact on the rest of your life. If you live in a drab, dreary, impersonal kind of place, you’ll feel much less happy than if you were to add some color and interest and make your space into something that truly shows the world who you are. With Dana Gibson’s work, you can do precisely that. You can bring color into your life; you can bring joy; you can bring vitality.

Finally, you’ll have plenty of choice if you’re buying a piece of art created by Dana Gibson. No matter what room in your home you want to decorate, there will be something created by this stylish and modern artist that will suit you. And more than one thing, in fact – Gibson’s output of work is impressive, to say the least.